Monday, April 26, 2010

Is There A Science Behind Foot bath - A Simple Method For Body detox?

Our world has prospered and will continue to prosper and we can attribute to technologies. We have been using effective and simple technologies in our daily life to bring about convenience, higher productivity and wealth. Along the path of this approach, it may be inevitable to neglect some environmental issues. For that act, the world is facing more pollutants and more toxic environment than before.

We are literally been "forced" to expose to this toxic environment and more toxins than ever are been "absorbed" into our body from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consumed. Even with our "in-built" natural detoxification system in our body, this effective process will become "limited" in its efficiency over time as we aged.

When this deficiency "kicks" in, the natural detoxification process will rid less toxins from our body and more toxins will be accumulated. This accumulation of all types of toxins will led to continual poisoning for long-term and this is the main reason to cause people to always fall sick and suffer from diseases. This was pointed out by a Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 1908, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, a Russian biologist and physiologist.

What can we do to solve this problem ?

The answer is simple - these toxins can be removed by using the ionic cleanse foot bath.

There is always a science behind each technology, and the ionic cleanse foot bath uses the discoveries made by 2 American Scientists in their breakthrough studies of the Cell Membrane Channel and the Ion Channel. Discoveries on both studies were awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003.

These 2 discoveries has led the science community to "understand and see" how ions (salts) and water are "transported" out of and into the cells and how electrical signals are produced and transmitted in our nerve cells.

The transportation of water out of and into our cells, or the water channel, was discovered by Peter Agre in 1988. In fact, this was the long-sought-after water channel that people suspected that our cells must have to perform this transportation  one hundred years ago. With this discovery, many studies on water channel has been conducted on other living things such as plants, mammals and bacteria.

The other discovery by Roderick MacKinnon in 1998, led to the understanding of another important function of the nerve system. It dete
rmine that ion channel can generate electrical signal and pass the signal through the nerve system. This movement through channels can also be opened and closed with different cellular signals.

The combination of these 2 scientific concepts with advance German technology produced the revolutionary device - ionic cleanse foot bath. The effective and simple process involve "changing" the common tap water into energized water that flows into our body to "carry" toxins that have been accumulated, out of our body.

This is performed by having our feet submerged into a container of water. The process is activated with an array or ioniser in the water and connected to device.  You will be surprised that the detox process need only 30 minutes and you will be more surprised when you can see and smell the toxins being detoxed.

What an effective and simple approach this is to body detox !

This is truly an effective and simple approach to body detox.

Onwards with healthy living.

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