Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath Really Works ?

There are certainly no lack of on-going debates on the body detoxification of toxins using ionic cleanse foot bath. We are living in an informational age where information are truly fast and easy to obtain at the touch of the finger. In all matters, there are always two extreme sides - the believers and the non-believers. The former group believes that it really works and it is an alternative medicine approach while the latter group believes that this is a scam or a rip-off case.

There are few aspects that may contribute to the non-believer's beliefs. Example may includes...

1. They cannot accept that such a simple technology can effectively produce the desired results.
2. They do not understand the science behind the technology.
3. They are influenced by the non-believers' comments and feedback.
4. They tried it but they did not get the desired results.
5. If the product is priced too affordable, they believe that it is a scam and will not work.
6. They do not believe in alternative medicine approach at all.
7. And many others reasons....

I would like to touch on a few points mentioned above.

Such technology or products will not be found in the market if there hasn't any extensive experiment being carried out, and found to have some desired outcomes. This is usually carried out in an orderly manner to collect information and facts through observation and testing of some science facts. The very first ion foot detox apparatus was invented in 2001 using Dr Rife's theory of low frequency therapy. The apparatus was bulky and heavy. After the Nobel award winning publication of the revolutionary breakthrough studies of the Cell Membranes and Ion Channels in 2003, many variations of the apparatus has come into being and goes by many names. There are stylish and light-weight.   

Fact: Brand owners will not jump on the band wagon to merchandise the product if there isn't one success story, and most importantly it must solve the needs of those requiring it.

One of the negative feedback given by the non-believer suggest that with or without putting the feet in the tub of water, the water color still changes and therefore condemned it as a scam. It is quite sad and it remains a fact that unscrupulous merchant will want to use this advantage to earn some bucks by 'imitating' the real products without the real technology inside. To those who have encountered them, we feel very sorry for them.

One has to understand that when water and salt and electricity and the ioniser, which is made of metal, are used together in this technological process, there will certainly be some reaction over time and will produce a light colored water. In fact, this result has been posted by some of the believers when they activated the apparatus without putting their feet in the tub. Another important point to note is that this process is impacted by the local water quality. For example, the water color is coffee orange in Phoenix City, Arizona state; just orange in Denver, Colorado; just coffee in Texas.  

Fact: There are many brands offering similar results, choose the one that offer the least doubts; visit their website, go through their FAQ pages, articles or resources pages or blogs; find out how often they add new information into their site - people will only spent this kind of time and attention only when they know their product really works!

Another common feedback offered by the non-believer suggest that it did not work after trying out for 2 sessions as highlighted by the product's claims - see the result in 2 sessions. This is another sad ending - to gave up too early and condemned the product. Different people has different biological built and different lifestyle - some results are easy to be seen while others are not. While it is true that most people can feel the effectiveness just after 2 sessions, others may need about 5 ~ 7 sessions to feel the effect, yet there are some who need to perform the process in excess of 10 sessions to feel it.  

Fact: Give yourself time to see the effectiveness, all the results to your problems will not come all together at once, it takes time to eradicate each problem you may have; pursuing a detoxification program is a life long process, do not be impatient.

I hope the above will help you to make informed purchase decision.

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